Until After

Until After is a private journal that unlocks when you die. We spend the most amount of time in our lives making an online footprint and when we die, it all just dissapears. All your amazing ideas and deepest secrets, just gone... Until After keeps track of your mood, life defining moments and daily journals so that when you die, your life can be remembered for what it truly was. Sign up be to one of our beta users. Donations are also greatly appreciated to help us kick start the app, as this will be a free to use product created for the greater good of humanity.

Are you someone who journals? We'd love to schedule a meeting with you and ask some questions to help our product! Click the following link to schedule a call!

Our Story

Hi, my name is Asim and I'm creating Until After because I'm scared. I'm scared I won't live to see tomorrow. The notes app in my phone has been a lifelong clutch of mine. When I'm feeling lost, I write in it. When I need to have a talk with someone, I write down all my raw thoughts there. When I have a crazy idea, I jot it down there... Unfortunately, I never get a chance to go back and view all my notes because scrolling through them one by one is tedious. Even more sad, I don't think anyone will ever be able to read through them. Journaling has basically saved my life and I hope it can save others. Journaling is such a healthy outlet for me knowing my thoughts are kept private. Over time, I've become more diligent about journaling my daily experiences and emotions though I've never had an easy way to digest all the unique information I've created over months and years. I've had countless life defining moments, but over time they all blend in, making it hard for me to reflect on my lifes trajectory. Recently, I thought to myself, "I'd love to make my journal public to the world when I die." Well, what better way to leave behind my legacy than to leave behind my life's journal. I hope my great great grand children can go through my Until After journal someday, and maybe even give it a mention in their own Until After journals. Maybe they'll be reading both mine and my wifes journals and comparing how both of us came together in each of our own narrations. Maybe someday, Until After will be something beautiful.

How it Works

Private Journal

You recieve a private journal in which you can take notes in any time. You can easily upload text, photos, videos and voice recordings on the fly.

Unique Journal View

We used an advance color scheme graph to allow users to holistically digest years and years worth of journals easier than ever.

Choose Openers

Invite up to 5 friends who can have the ability to request access to your account when you die.

Verification Process

To verify your death, someone must send us a screen shot of your obituary or death certificate. We then manually verify the documents. In addition, we text, email, call and message you on social media looking for a response within 30 days. If all checks out, your journal is opened.